Style Guide

Your Picnic Is Going To Be Beautiful

We have an extensive amount of styles, rugs, cushions, decor accent pieces and picnic tables that allow our signature collections to be as diverse as our city.

Ways To Find A Style

A) Check out our 2021 Summer Collection!

B) Send us one of our previous picnics or your inspiration photos!

C) Share your colours and the vibe of the event and let us make magic!
See some options below and include them in quote request form!

D) Ask our Creative Director Barbra-Joi to surprise you!

We have a number of styles and aim to change each one a little bit every time for a bespoke picnic setup, we ask that you trust our design and execution style.

We also love the fact that you’ll be in for a sweet surprise on the day of your picnic

Looking to customize your setup?

Share Your Colour Palette (Select up to 4)

White | Beige | Tan | Grey | Silver | Black | Blue | Teal | Turquoise | Emerald Green | Sage | Yellow | Gold | Coral | Salmon Pink | Copper/ Orange | Terracotta/ Rust | Pink | Blush
Dusty Rose | Peach | Mauve | Purple | Burgundy

More colours available, we have over 250 cushions and 400 cushion covers!

Choose Your Style and Vibe (Select up to 3)

Boho | Tropical | Modern | Minimal | Coastal | Romantic | Whimsical | Elegant | Glam

 The more information the better and feel free to share any links for inspiration.


Summer 2021

Featuring our natural picnic tables and mixing in neutral tone cushions, linens and dried arrangements.
Mix in you favourite coloured cushioned for a customized look.

Natural picnic tables mixing in woven accents, tan linens, poufs, burnt orange, rust, matte yellow, and olive cushions.  Our lanterns and dried arrangements create the perfect ambience.

 Our natural picnic tables mixing in neutral tones and blush pink cushions, linens and pastel florals with dried floral accents.

Featuring our natural picnic tables mixing in tan and palm cushions, tan linens, bamboo accents, gold lanterns with bright florals and greenery.

The ultimate girly girl setup featuring our white picnic tables, pink and white cushions, pretty pink florals with crystal vases, pink candles and gold accent

Featuring our white picnic tables mixing in white poufs, an array of blue cushions, and linens, antique lanterns, and white floral arrangement with blue accents.

Our purple coloured setups were some of our most favoured picnic events on Instagram.  Highlighting our white picnic table with mauve and dark purple in florals and cushions with gold accents

This picnic setup screams luxe picnic in the park featuring our white picnic table, tan and white cushions, white floral arrangements  in clear vases.  Paired with white candles and gold accents. You can alway incorporate your favourite  colour into this setup to create a customized look.


“Barbra did such an outstanding job! From our initial call to the email follow ups to the most dreamy picnic set up. She was extremely responsive and made planning my partners 32nd birthday such a breeze. I have not been this impressed with a service in quite a while. It is such great value and such a fun idea for any occasion. The setup was so beautiful that many would walk by us at they park they would stop to take a picture. My friends were not expected what they walked into that day they were all so amazed. I will 100% be using this service every summer season. No doubt about it.``

-Ronit Frigillana