Quote Request Form

Fill out the booking form below and you will hear from us within 72 BUSINESS HOURS.  We generally do not reply to emails or quote requests on weekends.  We reply to emails and quote requests in the order they are received in order to be fair to all clients booking.  We appreciate your patience!

If it is an emergency or last minute booking contact us by phone

If you do not receive the quote within 72 business hours, please contact our office.  All pricing with be done by email after a quote is complete we do not quote over the phone.

E: info@byjoi.com / picnicsinthe6ix@byjoi.com (it is a shared inbox)

We recommend only one person working and contacting us throughout the booking process to avoid any mis communication
We offer a boutique service and book up very quickly. If you have an alternate date in mind that could work in the event your preferred date is at capacity, please include it in the section below.
On average in our prime season we service 4 - 5 events per day and in many cases Friday - Sunday can be booked up 1- 1.5 months in advance, we highly reccomend having an alternate date if you wish to use our services
Our available time slot will be included in your quotation - the event time includes 3 hours of service - we arrive 1 -2 hours prior to your event start time to setup and then return after the 3 hours of the your event. Our latest take down in public locations is sunset and this differs throughout the season. If you wish to extend your service it is an additional $40.00 / hr - onsite extensions / residential late night events / following day pickups are an option based on availability and additional charges will apply. Please request in the comment section.
We set up in backyards, venues or Picnics in the 6ix preferred public park location based on the package, style guide, city, day of the week and availability. We always aim to give our clients the best picnic experience and have discovered some really cool spots. If you have a park you want to request for review, please include it in the section below. If you want to specify a city in the region, please include it below as well. You will be notified of location in the actual park on the day of the event (15- 30 minutes prior) as activity changes in the park daily. For private residences once we are on our way we will send ETA - we do require access onsite min 3 hours prior to your picnic start time
We require to have safe areas to unload, accessible parking, safe distance for carrying and vehicle visuals for multiple trips. The area must be safe for our team members to break down. From our experience we know the parks that have high authorities on the weekends, high volumes and restrictions for car/ parking access that can hinder your picnic experience so we ask that you trust our suggestion. If you have a special location request (city / park) please include it in the address section above for review.
We cannot control the rain. With being in the outdoor events industry for close to 10 years the rain and weather is best indicated about about 2 days before. If at that time we see your event day will be raining we will discuss the how you wish to proceed based on your preference above.
Request the estimated guaranteed guest count - you have the ability to increase after the event is secured with a deposit - if you wish to increase we recommend doing so as soon as possible in order for us to guarantee inventory for your event
(Choose 1 option only per quote request). Anything that is requested outside of our regular packages above is considered custom and will be quoted accordingly.
We require minimum 3 of your preferred colours (ex: nudes including white, tan, and beige) and 2 - 3 mood, vibes and overall aesthetic your are trying to achieve (chic, glam, boho, garden, modern, etc). We generally style with gold accents and cutlery - all requests not included in our current inventory will have additional charges
You may include a link to some inspiration from Instagram / website / Pinterest page in this section. We will do our best to go as close to your vision with our inventory. If custom request are made and we require to outsource we will include pricing in the quotation. Check out our previous events and classic styles.
Add the perfect note to personalize your event! Please note this does not include professional calligraphy. Just a cute fun message!
All items are available on a first come first service basis and must be accompanied with a full service picnic package. Additional charges may apply for custom styling on the furniture pieces. If you require any items not listed mention them in the comments and we can give you recommendations for sourcing.
Please note at certain times of the year we recommend food to be done in larger sharable covered platter boxes rather than a spread to keep away unwanted picnic guests (bees) - from August to October we will include large sharable boxes as an option at no additional cost
If you have none please put N/A
Tell us anything you like that will help us have a feel for why you want our services or having a celebration. The more information the better. Getting to know you helps us create magical moments and experiences for our clients and their guests